Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Fantasy Football? Try Fancy Footwork!

We're feeling the onset of autumn with the changing trees, weather that makes you want to bundle up, and all sorts of spiced teas and desserts.

There is also a certain ball game that comes around this time of year and whether you are a fan or not, check out how some of these players are training.

We will give you a hint: several of our Music House Dance students train in this very technique!
Why do football players train in ballet?
Ballet provides a number of benefits to professional athletes due to its intensity and demand for discipline. Football players train in ballet to improve:
  • focus
  • flexibility
  • speed
  • strength
  • endurance
  • balance
Ballet demands strength in each of these categories and therefore the rigor of ballet training is known to help athletes improve their game on the field!

The Footwork Show Down!

Now let's put these two head to head for the ultimate match up!
Quick Feet! Who is faster?

Fancy Feet! Who is more sophisticated?

Leaping Feet! Who jumps higher?

Curious to see what this looks like?
We all were! Luckily a number of athletes were willing to show us just how their ballet training went.

Needless to say, ballet and football stack up pretty well against each other and offer alternative methods to train stronger!

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